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for MAC users: Request for MAC laptop

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  • for MAC users: Request for MAC laptop

    Hi MAC users, you might probably a Windows or Linux user before and experience MacOS which make your dev life much easier. So I need your help to list reasons as a Web Developer to request a MAC laptop to my current company but I only come up with few reasons right now.
    • As a web developer, We need Safari Browser for Cross Browser Testing if JavaScript Codes and CSS works on every browser
    • Productivity wise, it wont get slower overtime and can wake up from sleep in few seconds.

    All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!Xvideos Xnxx Chaturbate
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    Hi Jerryjones, you can go for Apple's MacBook Air or MacBook Pro which will solve all your dev problems. You will get a much faster laptop with high end config and you can address your concerns which you listed with ease.