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Creating own website or just hire?

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  • Creating own website or just hire?

    Hi! I'm a businesswoman of organic food products and become quite successful on it. I used Social Media to market my product and it works very well to me. Though some of my customers were looking for a website to look up-to and not just the page on Facebook or Instagram account that I used. So I've been planning for this time to have one and use those free website builder or something like Wix or Wordpress. I have some background at designing but not really that good at technology.That's why I'm quite concern if I should continue building it by myself or just hire somebody

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    As you have already said, you’re not really good at such things. So perhaps the best option for you is to hire an expert who can create a quality website for you. And since it’ll be for your online store, you surely don’t want to settle for anything that looks just “okay”, right? Actually, just last month, I hired this web designer Durham to help me layout a new website for my shoe business. By finding a reliable expert for this, you can have a website that does not only looks good but would also function well for your visitors. That’s it for me.


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      First of all, you need to decide on which platform you will make your site. This issue requires increased attention. There is a wide selection of content management systems. It will be annoying if after some time you realize that the system you have chosen is completely unsuitable for you and your site.