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    Hi been a while.

    whats the best practice for contact us forms these days, being running the same form for years that utilises pho mail function.


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    wow is it that long since I last looked at this.

    wanting to do smtp mail on my contact us form as phomail gets turned off regularly and have to get it turned back on.

    so I found a script for smtp and it works no real problems, but when |I try an integrate it into my current contact us form I can only every get it to work by phpmail.

    Anyone able to help out with this, must be doing something very basically wrong.


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      PHPMail () is disabled on most servers for security reasons. You simply contact eUKhost tech support using 24x7x365 live chat facility to get this resolved.


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        Kevin, eUKhost tech supporthave turned it back on several times.

        Its a pain as i don't find out its been turned off and the form not working until someone tells me they have completed the form and I haven't received the message or randomly check it to find its stopped working.
        most recently moved to the cloud automatically and the phpmail was turned off, but I only knew it wasnt working when someone advised they sent us a message on the contact us form and didnt recieve it, went and tested it and confirmed it.

        so longer term it be better if the contact us form was converted to smtp, I have had a go and failed miserably.

        to the point i have an smtp script that I know that works but when I try and integrate it fails (ie still uses phpmail).

        I know it still uses smtp as if I change any of the login details the smtp config file the message went through regardless, but it couldnt possibly have conected via smtp as the details were incorrect.