3 simple and smarter way to build a website by eUkhost

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    3 simple and smarter way to build a website by eUkhost

    We are pleased to be launching Build a Website today via eUKhost. It is a new category of shared hosting that is aimed a non-technical users. Lets start with,

    What is mean by Build a Website ?
    Build a Website is a cPanel-based web hosting product that bundles an easy-to-use website builder called the Web Presence Builder from Parallels. A lot of unnecessary functions have been disabled within cPanel on Build a Website to keep the product as simple to use as possible. Also included in the control panel is Softaculous for auto installing hundreds of web applications.

    Features :
    1) Easy-to-use website builder
    2) 24 x 7 technical support
    3) No time-bound contracts
    4) Free domain name
    5) Choose from over 100 designs
    6) Create your own store
    7) Personal and business websites
    Hosted on VMware for reliability

    Build a Website is aimed for those who want to create a website but do not have the technical experience to do so. At just 3.49 per month, Build a Website is perfect for individuals and small businesses.

    You just need to follow 3 simple steps to have a website related to your niche,

    1) Choose your own unique website address for your personal or business website. A domain name is the website address and is how your visitors access your website. Registering a domain name is fast, simple and easy; and we provide one free domain name with every Build a Website plan. You can choose from a wide-variety of domain name extensions. If your website is primarily targeting a UK audience, you can consider a .co.uk domain name. On the other hand, if you want a general-purpose domain name extension, you can consider registering a .com domain name.

    2) Choose from 100's of ready-made templates and give your website that unique edge. With over 100 designs to choose from in over 10 categories, finding the template that's perfect for your personal or business website takes a matter of minutes. Don't like the template you chosen? No problem, just swap it with another template available. You can customize the template width, add sidebars and more to make it truly yours.

    3) Customize every aspect of your website with our easy to use website builder. Add dynamic modules - social media, e-commerce, commenting, blog, advertisement blocks, embedded video, breadcrumb navigation and much more; customize the styling, presentation and structure of your template and add as many pages as you need. It's all there in the website builder - simple, easy and flexible website developing. And in no time at all, you're ready to publish your new website.

    Download the PDF which makes your task easy : http://www.eukhost.com/build-a-websi...-a-Website.pdf Or

    Click on the Video tutorial to check how build a website works : http://www.eukhost.com/images/video/Build-a-Website.swf and for more information you may contact us on our email Id: [email protected] or you can also get in touch through Toll free Phone: 0800-862-0380 or our 24x7 Live Chat Support.
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    Re: 3 simple and smarter way to build a website by eUkhost

    That's great. But what kind of sites can we create with build a website?


      Re: 3 simple and smarter way to build a website by eUkhost

      You can build personal websites or a small business website using Build a Website tools. those who cannot afford to hire Webmasters to design and develop their websites prefer this cheap and highly effective solution.

      You are most welcome to give a try and let us know your Feedback. we've have 1000+ customers using eUKhost website builder.
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        Re: 3 simple and smarter way to build a website by eUkhost

        Originally posted by domturup View Post
        That's great. But what kind of sites can we create with build a website?
        I have used the website builder on Build a Website, it's pretty nice. I did notice a shopping module in the website builder that you can use so you can use the website builder to create an online store if that's what you plan to do. When you first use the builder it'll ask you to choose a website topic, and there's a fair few to choose from - there's website topics for business and personal websites. The template design will be customised by default to match what website topic you choose.