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    Re: phpBB OR vBulletin

    Of course it counts, who isnt using CMS of somesort anymore!

    I used to use IPB when it was free, you wouldnt catch me paying for it now though.

    Originally posted by Ben View Post
    I'm with you. I wish someone had took up the task of continuing development of phpBB 2. The administration interface of phpBB 3 is just complicated. phpBB 2 was overly simple, but for a good reason - anyone could figure out how it worked in a matter of minutes.

    I am yet to find anything that comes close to phpBB 2. Kunera is a Joomla component so doesn't count .

    On vBulletin, I don't know why people swear by it automatically. If it's commercial forum software you need, even Invision Power Board is better than vBulletin in my opinion. vBulletin has the most terrible and unintuitive administration interface you can imagine. I'm not sure whether there are drastic improvements in version 5, as I have never used that, but version 4 and below I think is terrible.

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      Re: phpBB OR vBulletin

      Any one tried MyBB ( MyBB - Free and Open Source Forum Software ) yet? I'm planning to test it this weekend!
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        Re: phpBB OR vBulletin

        My vote goes to vBulletin. But I wonder if someone is using BBpress and how is the performance so far?


          Re: phpBB OR vBulletin

          vBulletin will always be the best platform for Forums.


            It all relies upon on the features and abilities you wish to have for your board. If you are excellent with spending off the certificate charges then certainly you should consider vBulletin which would be a good choice for effective community control and customization.