How to Keep Your Data Secure on Web Server?

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    How to Keep Your Data Secure on Web Server?

    With an increment in the hacking attacks these days, web security is one of the most crucial issues to any business who carry out their operations online. Web server hosts sensitive information, therefore it becomes the most common targeted points for attacking. Securing your data is a time consuming and a tedious job and requires expertise. One must take necessary steps to keep your sensitive data safe on web. Let us have a look at the list of activities to carry out for securing sensitive data on the web.

    1.Ideal Services
    Installed operating system and configurations are not at all secure. There are many network servers that are unused. More services running on an operating system will cause more ports to be left open and thus opening more doors for vulnerability. Remove all unwanted and needless services so that they don’t start automatically when the server is rebooted next time. It gives an extra improvement to server performance.

    2.Remote Access to be secured
    Server administrators should locally login to web servers. Remote connection should be secured properly by following encryption and tunneling protocols. Implying security tokens on softwares and equipments is a good practice as it acts as a precautious step for securing data on web.

    3.Distinct Development Environment
    Production server is easy and fast for development of a new version of a web application. However, usually developers do the testing of web application on production server. Web applications which are in early development stages have number of vulnerabilities. Such applications can easily be exposed and exploited by hackers. Always keep separate development environments for development and testing of web applications.

    4.Web Application files and content
    The web applications and files should be maintained in a different drive than that of operating system and any other system file. Hackers, who are able to access the web root directory, are in a better position to exploit susceptibility. With this they can have access to whole disc and can carry out their hacking attacks. From there, the hackers can execute any command of operating systems thereby having an entire control on the web servers.

    5.Permissions and Privileges
    Sensitive data on the web can be affected by network and file permissions. If you have not deployed proper network service software, the mischievous user can use the account running on network service to perform activities. Make sure to assign least permissions for a specific network service server. Moreover, assign minimum permissions to unknown user, who needs to access the website and perform other back end operations.

    6.Security Patches
    Software which is fully patched does not guarantee security. It is essential to update the software and other systems with latest security patches. Hackers can easily take undue advantage of unpatched softwares and systems.

    7.Server monitoring
    All operating system logs, network service logs, database server logs etc. should be regularly checked and monitored. Log files give all the information from which an attempt can be made to attack which can be successful as well. If a strange activity is noticed, immediately it should be investigated and check for solutions. If you want to focus on your business activities and have peace of mind, then choose eUKhost as it provides advanced server as well as network monitoring to ensure your servers are always in top condition.

    8.User accounts
    Idle user accounts are created while installing operating systems. Such accounts created should be disabled. Such user accounts should be checked frequently. Every administrator should have his own user account with the correct rights required. Never share each other’s accounts as it helps in maintaining security.

    9.Unused Modules
    Installing softwares enables establishment of many pre-defined modules, which are frequently not needed. Such pre-defined modules are vulnerable enough and an attacker can easily get a path to carry out his malicious activities. Switch off these modules when they are not needed to prevent attacks against such modules.

    10.Security Tools
    Security tools are provided with web server software which helps to maintain the security of data on web. Although configuring security tools is a time consuming process. But, never avoid configuring these security tools as they provide an extra bit of security giving you peace of mind. MTvScan tool is one such website security scanner provided by eUKhost that helps to protect your website against all threats and vulnerabilities.
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    Re: How to Keep Your Data Secure on Web Server?

    Thanks for sharing these tips Bryan.


      Re: How to Keep Your Data Secure on Web Server?

      Hackers and attackers are not going to stop their intruder activities, hence it is very important to take appropriate steps to protect your data on web server. Encryption as a step is also necessary. It provides a primary layer of security.


        Re: How to Keep Your Data Secure on Web Server?

        Using a web application firewall can also help to protect your website from cross-site vulnerabilities, website vandalism and firewall can prevent SQL attack. Hence, using a firewall can also keep the sensitive data secure by keeping it the database concealed from prying eyes.


          Re: How to Keep Your Data Secure on Web Server?

          You're right, encryption is effective primary step to protect your data online.

          Nice addition, firewall plays very important role in protecting your systems and data.


            Encryption is not just a basic step but also very important. WhatsApp and other messenger platforms have also introduced end to end encryption to protect the privacy of their users and develop the framework of security. Precaution is better than cure and encryption helps in providing the level of security minimizing a lot of risks and attacks.


              Online hackers and assailants are not going to stop their burglar actions, hence it is very important to take appropriate actions to guard your details on web server. Protection as a step is also necessary. It provides a main part of security.