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    Courier Website & PHP

    Hi Guys,

    Got a question for ya all!

    I have been asked to help out a mate with an internal website that he needs for a courier (motorcycle delivery) business.

    What he wants is a package where he can enter 2 London postcodes and the site will then calculate the distance, ie W1 to W10 is 4miles (ref: Google).

    Then once it has the distance it will work out a price for the job, first mile 5.50 and then 1.50 for all the remaining miles, ie 4miles is 10.00.

    I have looked around online and there seems to be nothing open source or reasonably priced, remembering that he is only just going into business and doesn't want to shell out millions of pounds for a complex system just yet.

    I'm sure it can be done easily with PHP but I am just a little stuck as to where I can start.

    Any advice is MUCH appreciated!

    Im pretty sure we could do this using google maps
    What's your budget for this project?

    Please drop me some more details to [email protected]


      Something like this?


        Originally posted by bedotnet View Post
        That looks good!!

        There isn't really any budget to be honest - he was asking me to do it as a mate. How much would you want for the page you show in the screen shot?




          Well i got bored and made it, just uses the Google API.
          Happy to give you the code (Javascript) as is for 25.00 via Paypal.

          I think this would make a very good "buy online" website, just needs AJAX passing to PHP would work very well.