As a Web Developer, time and again you come across problems that seem like a roadblock to what you are trying to accomplish. I've had my fair share. Having found the fantastic Dragdealer library that allows me to create fancy mouse- and touch-friendly sliders, I stumbled upon a problem trying to figure out how I could dynamically change the steps of an already-instantiated slider.

I was dreading the thought of having to create a separate HTML element for the slider that has fewer steps than the other - surely there is a way to change the steps of a slider and make Dragdealer recalculate it all like it does on initialisation?

Turns out, there is:

var slider = new Dragdealer( ... );

slider.options.steps = 2; // sets the attribute value

slider.stepRatios = slider.calculateStepRatios(); // calculates step ratios based on attribute value
Hope this helps.