How to Block an IP address or a Domain Name Using cPanel

This article will explain how to block IP addresses and domain names using the cPanel IP Blocker tool. Blocking an IP address or domain name can improve website security as it helps prevent hacking and DDoS attacks. It can also block other unwanted visitors. To block an IP address or domain name, follow these steps: …

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Information for UK Individuals and Organisations with .eu Domains

Following the withdrawal of the UK from the EU on 29th March 2019, UK based individuals and organisations will no longer be eligible to have a .eu domain. If you currently have or are considering purchasing a .eu domain, the information provided here will explain how this affects you and what you need to do. …

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Domain Names

Domain names are used to access websites and online resources on the Internet. In order to run a website, you need a domain name so people can find your website online. A domain name consists of a unique name that you choose, and an extension; with many different domain extensions available that are designed for …

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Unable to create sub domains

There isn’t any restriction set by us on creating sub domains in your web hosting UK account. If you are unable to create sub-domains, there is a possibility that your domain name isn’t pointing to the name servers provided to you in the welcome email sent. It may be possible that the propagation of name …

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FAQs about SubDomain

The following are the basic FAQ’s about Subdomains, drafted specifically for beginners: What is a Subdomain ? Subdomain is basically an extension to your domain URL. It is a prefix followed by a dot (.) to the main domain. An example of a subdomain would be, our primary domain is, its subdomain would be …

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How To Secure a Domain Name ?

Finding the most suitable domain name for a business and registering it is a part of the general procedures. But what most individuals aren’t aware is about securing a domain name. One cannot simply sit back and relax, instead one should go a step further and secure your domain name as well. The domain is …

How To Secure a Domain Name ? Read More » domain name registration is a second-level domain under the .uk top-level domain. The domain is used by organisations providing education at tertiary level and above along with organizations historically associated with higher education such as the Research Councils. There are several mandatory criteria which are required for eligibility to register a domain name. Eligiblity criteria … domain name registration Read More »

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