Auto Renew Only Domains

Some domains have different renewal behaviour and cannot be renewed manually. To renew those domains Auto-renewal must be turned on prior to the “Auto-renew by” date, if auto-renew is turned off then once the auto-renew deadline has been reached the domain will expire despite how much time remains on the registration and you will lose …

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How to Modify Your MX Records?

An MX record (mail exchanger) routes incoming emails via the proper email server for your domain. As the MX record is constantly associated with a domain, when you utilize Scala Hosting’s name servers, your MX record is automatically associated with your domain name, which includes our server IP address. However, depending on your requirements, you …

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How to Block an IP address or a Domain Name Using cPanel

This article will explain to you how to block IP addresses and domain names using the cPanel IP Blocker tool. Blocking an IP address or domain name can improve website security as it helps prevent hacking and DDoS attacks. It can also block other unwanted visitors. To block an IP address or Domain Name, follow …

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