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VPS hosting vs Shared hosting

VPS Hosting do not have any restrictions like shared hosting. VPS hosting provides you the features exactly like a dedicated server with your own set of services and with more resources. Shared hosting package is limited and there are many restrictions in comparison to VPS because with Shared hosting package you won’t get an administrative …

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What is VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server created on a dedicated server ( Physical hardware / machine located at Data center). VPS is an isolated server that share the hardware of a single physical server. You can see it as a small dedicated server because it uses its own disk space, RAM , IP address and …

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Burstable RAM with VPS Hosting

Q. What is burstable RAM in VPS Hosting? Ans. Burstable RAM can be provided to users of Virtual Private Servers. Each Virtual Private Server has a guaranteed amount of RAM that it’s able to use at all times. At times it is possible that the usage may exceed the allotted amount of guaranteed RAM available, …

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VPS vs Semi-Dedicated Server

Q. Can you give me some advice on what to choose, VPS Hosting or Semi Dedicated Hosting Ans. Whether to choose VPS Hosting or Semi Dedicated Hosting depends upon what are you planning to host/run on the server. Our Semi Dedicated Hosting servers fill the gap between VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting. So if …

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Game Server on a VPS?

Q. Can I Run A Game Server on a VPS Server? Ans. You can host games on VPS however there are limitations on CPU and RAM which is why we recommend using dedicated servers for gaming. With VPS Hosting you are sharing resources with other users on the same node. With a Dedicated Server you …

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Can I upgrade my kernel?

Q. Can I upgrade my kernel in Virtuozzo? Ans. Virtuozzo does not allow for any kernel modifications or upgradations. You will be running a variant of Linux 2.6 on Linux VPS Hosting which is the latest and more stable Linux kernel. The concept of Virtuozzo Virtual Private Servers is distinct from the concept of traditional …

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