Windows Hosting

Microsoft Frontpage Extension

Microsoft Frontpage is an easy application designed and developed for those who doesn’t know any programming languages to developed interactive web pages. Just upload your web page on your hosting account and click on the button “Publish FrontPage Web” to load web pages. To successfully upload and edit your web page you first have to …

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Install DotNetNuke

In order to setup Dot Net Nuke application on your windows hosting account, first you have to configure the Dot Net Nuke’s requirements according to the required steps. The Dot Net Nuke hosting application requires a MSSQL database to create Virtual Web directory through Windows Plesk web hosting control panel. Go to your Plesk login …

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DotNetPanel Windows Hosting

eUKhost has now launched Windows Shared Hosting & Windows Reseller Hosting with DotNetPanel control panel. DotNetPanel is unique feature-rich solution for simplifying Windows hosting management operations. It manages multiple servers, has robust, scalable and secure architecture, it’s very simple in use and offers unique & competitive features. Some of the important features of DotNetPanel Ease …

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Microsoft Exchange Server Hosting

Microsoft Exchange Server Hosting Q: What is Microsoft Exchange Server Hosting? A: Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 is an enterprise class collaboration suite that allows organizations to give employees the ability to communicate with each other using the built in email system. Exchange Server 2003 also gives employees the ability to be able to view any …

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DotNetNuke Hosting

DNN Hosting DotNetNuke is an open source content management system ideal for creating, deploying or managing intranet and extranet websites. DotNetNuke is a perfect combination of an enterprise portal, built in CMS and perfect platform for publishing static and dynamic content. DotNetNuke is an essential tool for ASP.NET developers which is fully loaded with a …

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MS Exchange 2007 Server Hosting

MS Exchange 2007 Server Hosting Q: What is the purpose of the Public Folders feature of Microsoft Exchange Server? A: The Public Folders feature of Microsoft Exchange Server allows you and your colleagues to share emails and discussions publicly rather than via internal email. Multiple Public Folders can be created under a single installation of …

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ASP.NET 3.5 Hosting

Q. Do you support ASP.NET 3.5 on Windows Hosting? What is new in ASP.NET 3.5? Ans. ASP.NET 3.5 is supported on all our Windows Hosting Servers. New features in ASP.NET 3.5 are as follows:- * ASP.NET AJAX support – ASP.NET 3.5 has built-in support for ASP.NET AJAX. In addition to all the features in ASP.NET …

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RPC Access

Q. Have you setup RPC access on your servers? Ans. We provide KVM over IP for remote access in case of network problems for servers. As we offer fully managed servers so you may not need KVM unless you have some specifc work to do.

Support for ASP components

Q. What ASP Components do you support on cPanel Windows Hosting? Ans: We support following ASP components on our Windows Hosting Servers : CDOSYS – built-in component in ASP used to send e-mail with ASP. ASPMail – Send mail from your ASP pages. ASPEmail – Send email from your ASP pages. ASPUpload – Upload files …

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