ASP Components included in Windows Hosting packages?

Q. Are ASP components like ASPMail and ASPJpeg included in the Windows Hosting packages?

Ans : ASP components like ASPmail and ASPjpeg are installed on our Windows servers for you. You can take a look at our Windows hosting plans to get more information about features and services included under web hosting service.

Following ASP Components are Installed by Default on all our Windows Shared Hosting Servers :-

Category Component
Miscellaneous       Microsoft Content Linking Component
Browser         Microsoft Browser Capability
Miscellaneous       Microsoft Content Rotator
Miscellaneous       Microsoft Ad Rotator
Miscellaneous       Microsoft Logging Utility Component
XML       Microsoft ServerXMLHTTP
XML       Microsoft XMLDOM Component
XML       Microsoft XMLHTTP Component
File Management       MicrosoftFileSystem Object
Miscellaneous     MicroSoft ADOX Catalog
Miscellaneous       Windows Script Shell
Miscellaneous       Windows Script Network
Miscellaneous       ADODB.Connection
Miscellaneous       ADODB.Command
Miscellaneous       ADODB.Recordset
Miscellaneous       Scripting.Dictionary
Miscellaneous       Script Encoder
XML       Microsoft XMLDOM 3.0 Component
Email       Server Objects – ASPMail
20 Email      Server Objects – ASPQMail
Image       Server Objects – ASPImage
Email       w3 JMail
Email       Persits – ASPEmail
Upload       Persits – ASPUpload
Image       Persits – AspJpeg
Email       ASP Smart – aspSmartMail

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