How to Backup a Forum – vBulletin ?

Backup / Restore vBulletin:

There isn’t anything easier than taking a vBulletin backup, due to the simple fact that there isn’t any involvement of codes. Once you get acquainted with the process, you can secure your vBulletin forums database at ease. Most of you must be aware of the importance of backup, for those who don’t take this aspect much seriously, there may be instances in the future when due to some unexpected reasons, the content on your forum would get deleted, hacked, destroyed, etc. without the scope of retrieval. Hence, in order, to have peace of mind and to safeguard your data that has been posted onto your forum website for a long period, period maintaining a regular backup can be useful in the long run.

There are two choices for taking a Backup of your vBulletin Forum Website.

I . Database Backup from the vBulletin Admin Panel and

II. Database backup via. PhpMyAdmin

I . Database Backup from the vBulletin Admin Panel :

Of course, it’s essential to have administrator access to the vBulletin Forum Website.

Step i – Browse the following URL in your browser:

Note: Replace with your domain name.

Step ii – Look for a section named Maintenance and then Database Backup.

Step iii – Upon clicking the option, you would be presented with two choices i.e. an option to include tables in the backup where you have an output of the intended tables and the other option to back up your database onto the server.

Step iv – You can choose either of the two options based on the size of your forum. If you have a large forum, it is suggested to take a backup on a server.

II. Database backup via. PhpMyAdmin

This is another method of backing up your vBulletin database. It is similar to taking backup via your web hosting control panel. You must be careful when choosing the database and downloading it on your local machine.

Check the following article to learn the steps to Backup a Database

Once you have an up-to-date backup file available, you can easily restore it whenever there is a requirement.

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