Compare of Dedicated Server to Cloud Hosting Services

eUKhost Cloud Hosting products have back-end redundancy with the use of additional hardware and important functions spread out across many servers. eNlight Cloud is one of our products that uses this redundancy approach which means if components inside one server fails in a cloud hosting set up, it does not equate to complete disaster and downtime.

Cloud hosting is not the solution to every person’s or business requirements, which is why we also offer eUK dedicated server hosting. Dedicated server hosting provides you with a leased server that is completely yours to use. eUK’s Virtual private server hosting essentially shares resources, however our eNlight Cloud Hosting platform does this in a very effective way because it auto-scales resources and certain functions are spread across many servers, as does our other cloud hosting services without autoscaling.

Unlike VPS Hosting, our cloud hosting platform, eNlight, does not require to be concerned about resource usages or the speed of your virtual server as a result, as eNlight takes care of this for you. You can change the maximum values for resource allocation of RAM and CPU via the eNlight Control Panel, which takes effect immediately.