Configuring and Install PhpBB from Fantastico

December 15, 2010 / How-to Guide

phpBB is named after the term PHP Bulletin board. It is a popular and free forum package coded and developed in PHP scripting language. It is available under the GNU General Public License, and it is open-source free software. The source code was written primarily to run on PHP 3.0 and 4.0 the minimum requirement to PHP 4.0.3 due to security.
It is a pre-installed language pack, styles, and several mods which can be turned on in various combinations with only few mouse clicks. PhpBB provides a simpler administration interface and styles for customizing the application according to webmasters’ needs.

How to Install phpBB from Fantastico :

  • To install phpBB you have to launch the Fantastico application from your cPanel.
  • In discussion board section on left side you will see link to install phpBB.
  • Click the Link and it will redirect you to the phpBB section and you will see the phpBB installation screen. Please read all the information written on the page to understand the easiness in phpBB.
  • Click on the Installation directory and enter the name of the directory you want to install in or leave this field blank for installation in the root directory.
  • Once you done with that please enter your admin access data by entering Admin name and password in the textboxes.
  • Please enter your site name and short description by providing a name. Enter the Admin email address to get the details.
  • Once you get complete with all the information click on Install phpBB and confirm it by clicking finish Installation.
  • The PhpBB is successfully installed on your account and is ready to configure it.
  • Please click on the directory path link to login into your new installation.
  • Use your administrator login details to enter into the phpBB bulletin board. Your new installation has been listed and you will see a link to visit script’s home page or you can remove it by clicking on Remove.

PhpBB is a widely used popular open source bulletin board package that works really well with simple user interface because it allows easy customization that keeps the PHP code separate from the HTML.

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