Creating a Backup Plan in Acronis

Once the agent has been installed you can proceed with creating a backup plan, multiple machines may be covered by a protection plan at the time of creation or at a later time.

If you have not yet installed the agent on your server, please see our Acronis Backup Getting Started Guide

Creating a Backup Plan

  1. Log in to your Acronis Cyber Protect Portal
  2. Select the “Management” option.
  3. Click on the “Protection Plans” sub-option under it.
    protection plans
  4. Click on the “Create Plan” option on the top right side of the screen.
    Create Plan
  5. You will enter a new page as shown below.
    create plan
  6. For changing the name of the plan, you can click on the pencil icon next to the “New Protection Plan” option.
    new plan
  7. It will ask you to specify the name of the plan, so enter the name of the plan and click on the “Ok” button.
    specify name
  8. If you enable the encryption ensure you keep a record of your password as you date will not be able to be recovered if it is lost.
  9. Click on the “+Add devices” button.
    add device
  10. Select the device and click on the “Add” button.
  11. Finally click on the “Create” button.
  12. Your new plan will be created this way.
    plan no
  13. You can see that the plan has been added to the list.

This way you can create a protection plan for machines using Acronis Cyber Protect. For more articles on this topic regularly visit our KB section. And for any assistance contact our support staff.