What are Some of the Details of Datacenters and all of their Redundancy Factors

November 5, 2006 / Sales FAQ

Q. In which data center are your servers located?

Ans. We have our Servers in Wakefield, Leeds, and Nottingham and the security of the network along with the quality of infrastructure is much better than any other data center in the world.

We have a 2 x 10 Gbps uplink for our Datacenter. All our servers have 100 Mbps Nic cards and they are connected to a 1 Gbps switch. We have multiple network backups to ensure 100% network uptime.

Network Infrastructure

  • Purpose-built Data Centre from ground up
  • Maximum space of 25,000 Sq ft
  • Total of 4500kVA dual sub-stations (N+N)
  • Diverse ring main to each sub-station
  • AKSA Generators (N+N)
  • 30 hours of on site fuel storage
  • 2N+1 UPS system @ 10 minutes
  • A+B Feeds to each rack
  • N+N Air handling system @ 21c
  • Dual 32 Amps per equipment rack available
  • Diverse dark fibre entry into ‘meet me’ rooms
  • Dual stage entry system with dual perimeter fencing
  • 24×7 on-site security and NOC engineers
  • 20GBit resilient Ethernet ring available to all customers, linking eUKhost Datacenter to London with 50ms self-healing capacity
  • Multiple dark fibre providers on site
  • 600mm raised flooring system

Network Quality Assurance

  • Routing
  • Redundancy
  • Diversity
  • Monitoring
  • Latency

We deploy fully redundant, enterprise-class Cisco routing equipment is our data center.
All routing equipment is housed in a secured core routing room and fed by its own redundant power supply.
Fiber carriers can only enter our data centers at disparate points to guard against service failure.

IP Transit and Layer 2 Access Solutions – We operate a fully redundant BGP network consisting of two separate hardware vendors which provide redundancy not only at the network level but also on the hardware level. Connecting with Tier 1 providers, as well as over 250 peerings at the London Internet Exchange (LINX), we are able to provide one of the most resilient IP BGP hand-offs in the datacentre.

Diversity :
Our Carriers provide diversity and avoidance to help minimize risks. Our redundant services do not share common facilities. This is done at both the local and long-distance levels. Additionally, loop diversity provides two redundant circuits from the local point of presence (POP) to our facility. POP diversity, having local links originate from multiple wire centers or POPs, is an ideal solution.

Monitoring :
eUKhost deploys the latest security and monitoring technology to protect assets and uptime from internal and external threats. Video surveillance, access control, and environmental monitoring are key areas of our Data Center Design. Our data centers are protected by sophisticated air-sampling smoke and fire monitoring
systems, pre-action, dry-pipe sprinkler systems, and clean agent inert gas systems. We have 24×7 Availability of Staff in our Datacenter to monitor all notifications on the monitoring panel.

Web Hosting Quality Assurance:

Backup with no downtime

eUKhost will deploy a NAS backup system for your dedicated servers (on demand and for additional cost) which will maintain a snapshot every 30 minutes for the last 24 hours. Data can be restored from any specific 30 minutes interval throughout the day or past 24 hours.

Restore option available with the following constraints:

  • Recovery Time Objective : 8 hours
  • Recovery Point Objective : 0 hours


eUKhost deploys Cisco switches of 1 Gbps speed. The latency between the switches is minimum.


eUKhost will monitor your servers 24×7. Our staff members are notified by sound notification on our monitoring LCD screens as well as through our internal MIRC channel which attracts the attention of all members working in their respective shifts.

Load Balancing

eUKhost has expertise in managing Load Balanced clusters. Load balancing can be easily set up on Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition, additionally, we can provide you with a Juniper or Cisco Load balancer depending on your requirements. eUKhost can also configure a lower specification Linux Server which will act as a load balancer and distribute traffic between other servers within the cluster.

Web Hosting Platforms

eUKhost will host and install the following:

  • Microsoft Windows 2022
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019
  • ASP.NET core environment
  • Linux CentOS 7
  • Debian
  • Any additional software components will be installed on demand for no additional cost as long as we don’t need to pay for acquiring licenses. The licenses software installation will incur licensing costs.

Escalation Procedures

A dedicated account manager will be assigned to assist you with the management and setup of your dedicated servers. Technical problems and support queries will be escalated to senior technical staff members depending on the level of technical problem/requirement. You can approach our senior windows system administrators or Linux system administrators by contacting them through the Helpdesk or initiating a live chat session from http://support.eukhost.com in the Dedicated Server department.

Availability and Reliability

eUKhost includes a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee on all its Managed Dedicated Servers. The general uptime guarantee is 99.95%.

Hosting Facility Access

eUKhost will not allow access to the Datacenter to any of its customers unless approved by one of our Management Team members.

Service Maintenance

Maintenance is included within our Managed Web Hosting service. eUKhost will take care of any sort of (software/hardware) upgrade requirements. We don’t charge anything extra for Maintenance of servers as it is included within our Managed Hosting service. eUKhost will carry out any sort of maintenance work only after 19:00 GMT and 5 days prior notice will be issued in case of any sort of priority-based maintenance work. Critical maintenance work will have to be instantly approved from the main point of contact at your end.

Service Administration

24×7 Monitoring and System Administration is included within our Managed Hosting service. eUKhost will not charge anything extra for any amount of System Administration requirements.

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

eUKhost hosts its servers in Maidenhead and Milton Keynes, which are 50 Miles away from each other. Both these Data Centers are connected with a 2×10 Gbps Fiber channel to facilitate fast Data Transfer between Servers / NAS Storage systems. Our Business model is designed to reserve at least 50% of resources in any of our Data Centers. As the UPS systems support 2N+1 power requirements, so we can utilize 100% space of any of our Data Centers in case of any major disaster in any of the 2 locations. Downtime can be restricted up to 2 hours in case we need to migrate servers from one location to other. Backup can be restored on new servers in less than 1 hour in case of hardware failure of servers in other locations.

UPS ( Uninterrupted Power Supply )

Our Data Centers deploy 2N+1 UPS systems for redundant power supply. Our UPS systems supply 10 minutes backups which give sufficient time for the Generators to take a full load.

Fire (Prevention and Protection)

Our data centers are protected by sophisticated air sampling, smoke, and fire monitoring systems, pre-action, dry-pipe sprinkler systems, and clean agent inert gas systems. We have 24×7 Availability of Staff in our Datacenter to monitor all notifications on the monitoring panel.

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