Dedicated Hosting with Class C IP Address for SEO

As the user of a dedicated hosting service, whether this is a VPS server, dedicated server or even a virtual machine in the cloud then you are going to have your own dedicated IP addresses that you can use with your web applications.

With your dedicated hosting service you can use your dedicated IP addresses as you wish: a dedicated IP will be required when wanting to use an eUK SSL certificate with your website; you can host individual services such as websites and your mail server on separate IP address; you can use two separate IPs to setup two separate name server records that point to individual IPs, but use only a single server – it should be noted that all domains require the use of at least two name servers.

Dedicated Hosting IP SEO

When carrying out an SEO campaign, as a webmaster it is important for you to take into consideration all of the individual factors that could supplement your efforts to aid you with reaching a satisfactory result. A dedicated IP address is one of these additional elements that could improve how a search engine views your website; there are several ways in which the use of an IP address can affect the ranking of your website:

With a virtual IP address that is shared with other users (this is the common configuration with shared hosting) you are open to an array of issues that could affect the ranking of your website – for example, if a website hosted on the same shared server is sending out spam emails using the shared IP address then this could lead to the IP address being blacklisted, something that will impact every other website sharing that IP; by using a dedicated IP address you will be able to maintain a good ranking by ensuring that the IP stays ‘clean’ and isn’t used for illicit purposes.

You can use a dedicated IP address to demonstrate an additional level of professionalism by setting up a reverse DNS record for your dedicated IP so that if anyone happens to do a reverse search on the dedicated IP address for your website, the reverse record will come up as being your domain name – if you are going to be running a website that is sending emails on your dedicated IP address then it is of the highest importance that you have this configured so that emails from your web application aren’t rejected by email servers – this is an additional factor that will be looked upon favorably by search engines indexing your website

A dedicated IP address will be required if you wish to setup an SSL certificate for your website and this is going to be a necessity if you are running a website that is collecting sensitive information, such as an online shop – an SSL certificate can be seen as aiding your SEO efforts because it will be demonstrating to search engines as well as your users that you take the security of your web applications seriously.

eUKhost offers dedicated IP addresses with all of our shared hosting, eNlight cloud hosting and eUK VPS Hosting/dedicated server hosting plans. Alongside this we also offer a range of SEO servers.

Dedicated Hosting IPv6

IPv6 is the sixth version of the IP protocol and has been designed to take over from IPv4 as the number of freely available IPv4 addresses is soon to run out and so a new system is required to meet the demands of the ever-growing number of devices that are connecting to the internet, including desktop computers and mobile devices.

Current IPv4 addresses follow a dotted-decimal notation in the following format:; this limits the number of devices that can receive a public IPv4 address to just over 4 billion. IPv6, on the other hand, follows a hexadecimal notation in the following format: 2001:0DB8:AC10:FE01::; this will allow for a few billion more devices to connect to the internet using a public IP address and the allocation of IPv6 addresses is unlikely to run out for many years to come.

IPv6 has faced a slow introduction, but with many large corporations such as Facebook and Microsoft making the move over to IPv6, it is expected that other companies will eventually follow suit.

eUKhost is taking measures to allow us to implement IPv6 addresses with eUK dedicated hosting packages very shortly. You will be able to take advantage of an IPv6 address in the same way that you can an IPv4 address.