Dedicated servers and bandwidth – unmetered connections and overusage charges

All of our dedicated servers come with a minimum of 5000GB monthly bandwidth. However, if you require more bandwidth on a month-to-month basis, you can allocate more to your server prior to placing your order, or by contacting our sales department if you already have a server with us. Depending on what server you choose, you can configure your server with up to 15,000GB of monthly bandwidth.

If you require an unmetered connection, we can offer up to a 1Gbps unmetered connection. What does this mean? This means that you can receive and send up to 125MB per second over your server. 1000Mb (or 1Gb) is in gigabits. In bytes, it is equivalent to 125 megabytes per second. Let’s see a comparison:

  • 1000Mb: 125MB/s (£3999 per month)
  • 100Mb: 12.5MB/s (£299 per month)
  • 10Mb: 1.25MB/s (£20 per month)

What should I choose?

For a 10Mbps unmetered connection, you are limited to 1.25 megabytes per second. This may seem small but can reasonably support a website with thousands of visitors a day – but of course, this depends on factors like the size of your website files, your website images, and so forth. But for higher traffic-intensive websites, you’ll need more than a 10Mb unmetered connection. And all of our servers come with a dedicated 100Mbit port speed (and you’re able to upgrade to a 1Gbit port speed for an additional £49 per month).

As well as unmetered connections, you can (as by default) choose a metered bandwidth capacity. All of our servers come with a minimum of 5000GB of monthly data transfer. You can purchase an additional monthly transfer from £50 per month for 2000GB of additional monthly transfer.

If you have any queries regarding bandwidth on your dedicated server, please contact our sales department over the phone on 0800 862 0380 or by e-mailing us on [email protected]