Do you provide spam protection?

Q. What spam protection do you provide for incoming emails?

Ans :- Yes, we do offer spam protection for your e-mails. We already have SpamAssassin (Spam Filter) installed on all our Linux/Windows Shared and Reseller hosting servers. All e-mails processed through the server are scanned for spam on the server itself. We use SpamAssassin and email filters to provide you spam free e-mail messages.

SpamAssassin is based on Bayesian filtering Algorithm which keeps on updating its database to give better spam protection with time.

We have also deployed additional Email Filters which blacklist spam source which are already blacklisted by Spamcop and Spamhaus. All incoming emails need to pass Spamcop and Spamhaus RBL listing. If the sender is blacklisted by Spamcop or Spamhaus then the email is discarded and such spam emails will not reach your mailbox.