Does eUKhost offer Email Web Hosting services?

August 22, 2012 /

Yes, we do. eukhost Email Web Hosting starts at £2.49 per month. With our Email Hosting packages, you can create unlimited e-mail accounts within your Email Hosting account’s disk space constraints. Email Hosting is perfect for businesses or professional individuals that want to have a dedicated E-mail Account without having to use services such as Hotmail, Yahoo! Maiul or AOL Mail and having an unprofessional business image by having an or e-mail address.

With all of our Email Hosting packages, you need to also purchase a domain name. Our domain names start at just £7.49 per year for .COM and .NET domain extensions and £5 per year for .CO.UK domain names*. Any e-mail account you create under your Email Hosting account will be tied to your unique domain name. So instead of [email protected] – your domain name can be busin[email protected] – whatever your domain name happens to be.

Why should I opt for Email Hosting?
If you don’t want full-scale web hosting and don’t want to have to pay for web hosting in order to have your own unique e-mail address with your company branding, Email Hosting is the perfect solution for this. And all of our Email Hosting packages come with SpamAssassin which is a widely-recognised anti-spam solution that is installed on all of our servers. You can activate SpamAssassin and will automatically filter e-mails that are detected to be spam by SpamAssassin. You can set the filter level before SpamAssassin will automatically delete e-mails it has detected as being spam.

Why is it important to have an anti-spam solution with email?
While “spam” doesn’t sound so scary, it can be used as a collective term to refer to more malicious e-mails, such as:

  • “Phising” emails are e-mails sent by malicious users and organisations that are pretending to be a company or organisation that you may have an association or service with. A prominent example is PayPal spoof e-mails that are sent by malicious users that are claiming the customer’s account has been suspended and it needs to be verified. You’d be surprised by the amount of people that are unfortunately fooled by these kinds of e-mails.
  • Scam e-mails that are trying to get you to provide your personal information that may be used to steal your identity or to use your credit or debit card details for unauthorised transactions. For example, some spam e-mails may claim that someone needs help with transferring funds from a certain third-world country. Never trust these e-mails – they always have an underlying motive to either steal your identity or make use of your credit or debit card information.
  • Malicious emails can be sent that may have malware embedded in an attachment.
  • Spam emails in general which are advertising certain products and services such as viagra pills, SEO services and so forth. Never, ever trust these e-mails – some of these malicious users are not really selling you viagra pills and could be something much more dangerous than that.

I’d be able to tell the difference between a real e-mail and a fake e-mail?
Not necessarily. In fact, it is very easy to spoof an e-mail and pretend to be someone you’re not if certain records are not set on a domain name where the e-mail is coming from, it will otherwise look like a genuine e-mail from the person you’d naturally expect it to be from. How is this possible? Well, very simply, malicious users simply set the e-mail address that sent the e-mail address to the e-mail address they wish to spoof. And even more, they can set a different e-mail address for the “Reply-To” header, which means when someone replies to such an e-mail, they’d be sending it to a completely different e-mail address.

How do you prevent this? Like with all of our Linux cPanel Hosting Packages, within the Email Authentication section of the control panel. Within this section, you can set an “SPF record” which adds a TXT record on the domain name that specifies what IP addresses are authorised to send e-mails from for your specific domain name. This may be set by default. And if it isn’t, you can contact our support team to set the SPF record within cPanel for you if you have any difficulties doing this yourself.

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