eUKhost Cloud Hosting with 100% Uptime SLA

Virtual machines offer users a dedicated environment that is their own to use as they wish and a majority of cloud hosting services, such as eNlight by eUKhost, provide virtual machines within the context of a cloud hosting environment so that performance can be paired with reliability and affordable for the first time. With cloud solutions being a popular choice for small and large businesses, downtime is quickly going to become a thing of the imagination as cloud server clusters remove any single points of failure so that uptime SLAs (Service Level Agreements) can be met without issue.

eUKhost’s cloud hosting service is accompanied by a 100% uptime SLA, which in effect means that you will not experience any unplanned downtime; we can meet this guarantee because our cloud clusters are redundant meaning that there are always additional servers and capacity available if we are performing maintenance or one of the cloud servers crashes. An eNlight hosting service can enhance your hosting experience through features including:

  • Your eNlight virtual machines can be controlled from our web-based control panel through which you can change their state of them (start, stop or reboot) and order additional resources if you foresee an increase in demand on your VMs; if you wish to add extra redundancy then you can also create additional virtual machines from here
  • The pay-as-you-go design of eNlight guarantees that you will only ever be paying for what you need and this will allow you to keep a tighter control on your web hosting budget
  • Auto-scaling can be enabled on a per-VM basis so that if the demand placed on one of your virtual machines begins to outstrip the available resources, the eNlight daemon will automatically allocate resources from the central pool so that your VM can cope with the extra demand; this is one of the many ways in which we can help you with obtaining 100% uptime each month
  • Instant provisioning ensures that your virtual machines are set up and ready for use the moment then you have paid for them, therefore allowing you to begin the configuration process to bring your VM online with your applications in no time at all.

Along with eNlight, eUKhost can offer larger enterprises their private cloud, which will be of benefit where the mass migration of physical servers may be part of the order. A private cloud is not shared with anyone else, unlike eNlight where the entire cloud is shared with other virtual machine users. Although eNlight is a highly popular solution because of the features that it offers at its price level, there is still a need for private cloud hosting:

  • Large corporations that are currently using co-location may wish to migrate their servers or their dedicated servers into the cloud to save money and to make maintenance easier; migrating so many servers into a shared cloud could prove to be troublesome for other users, but with a private cloud you will have full control over the migration process
  • For some businesses it may be important to have control of the entire hosting infrastructure so that they can enhance the security levels to provide their customers with extra assurances regarding the security of their personal information.

Whether you choose an eNlight shared cloud solution or a private cloud for your more complex hosting requirements, eUKhost will provide a 100% uptime SLA that you can rely on. Our 24×7 support team monitors our network around the clock to make sure that issues are ironed out as they are discovered so that our ability to meet our SLAs is not compromised.

Cloud Computing with 100% Uptime

It wasn’t long ago when 100% uptime wasn’t possible from any web hosting service because of single points of failure present at different points in the network; however, with eUKhost’s data center network is one of the best examples of a high-availability network, we can guarantee 100% uptime with all of our cloud hosting plans and an average uptime of 99.95% across the rest of our product lines. Cloud computing is seen as the future of the web hosting industry because it boosts performance whilst providing businesses with a way in which they can cut costs at the same time.

Cloud computing from eUKhost can offer a real alternative to dedicated server hosting and VPS server hosting, with the same support that is applied to our fully managed hosting products available with one of our cloud solutions. Although managing virtual machines may app virtual machines to be a daunting task to, begin with, there are many tutorials available that you can follow for Windows servers and Linux servers so that you can put together a hosting environment that suits your needs specifically.