What are some FAQ’s about Domain Name Registration

The process of registering a domain name is fairly simple. You simply need to have a credit card and an access to the internet and within no time you can get a domain registered for yourself.

But, before you proceed with it, you must take care of certain aspects in prior.

How to Register a Domain Name ?

You can refer to the following link to learn the detailed procedure of registering a domain name : How to Register a Domain Name

How to Transfer a Domain Name ?

If you have an existing domain and wish to transfer it under our registry, you may please refer the following link to known the transfer process : Transferring Domain name

Can I register a trademarked domain name ?

First of all you would not be able to find such a domain name for registration as it would already be registered with the particular company. But if you do find such a domain, you can indeed go ahead registering it.

It is completely your choice and we would not take any responsibility of you getting caught in a trademark violation.

How to Renew a Domain Name ?

You would get a detailed information about renewing an existing domain here : How to Renew a Domain Name

If you need any assistance with domain registration or renewal, you may please contact our Billing Department either via. Live Chat or send an email to [email protected] clearing describing your requirements.