What is Website Passport?

Website Passport is basically a product that would help you with combating website Fraud and create a level of Trust in the eyes of your website users. It offers a list of details about your website and companies identity information in-a-way that with a single click a potential customer is capable of reading through all the details that proves the legitimacy of your website.

How can a website benefit from Website PassPort?

Website Passport enables you to provide a collection of website and company information to the users of your website with a single click. It offers an instant credibility as the information displayed is easy to understand. Website owners are capable of customizing certain areas of the the Passport with trust-enhancement applications.

Eukhost Ltd. offers Website Passports as a standalone product which would enable every enterprise with an online presence establish an identity and avail protection for self as well as customers from malware threats. We have been long offering the SSL Certificate to users enabling them to send and receive confidential information across a secure channel. The Website Passport would now allow our customers to earn more trust from their prospective clients.

How does a website passport impact my Business?

With the constant evolution of the web, having merely a professional looking site isn’t enough to earn trust from a visitor. Consumers have become more alert about various threats that exists online. An estimated number of three million websites are launched each year that are involved in fraudulent activities. Due such reasons an average of Seventy percent prospective customers would usually quit their shopping in the middle of check-out process. This is basically due to the factor of trust that they lack in a website.

According to reports, users have observed an increase in sales since the inclusion of Website PassPort over their websites. This is an indication that visitors do believe the trustworthiness offered by this product when displayed over a website.

How does Website Passport gather the information?

The tool makes use of various standard and industry acclaimed tools to fetch information to be displayed within the passport pages.

What are the sources from which website passport gathers information?

The tool fetches details using various sources as listed below :

  • Companies Registration Details : This section of the passport would display various company details such as the status, company name, registration number, official address, and date of incorporation provided by the website owner.
  • Registered Address Confirmation : Includes a location map, location co-ordinates and ID, plus a QR code for smartphones to scan to display your registered address in Google Maps.
  • Website Registration Information – The data is collected from WhoIs database
  • Google Safe Browsing Scan – This is a product that was introduced by Google to offer Web masters comprehensive information on sites listed as malicious, hence offering a protection to the visitors to a website from sites with spam, spyware, adware and other malicious software which might infect and damage a user’s computer. The feature also includes an email facility which sends you an alert for any risk is identified before potential customers become aware.
  • Additional Official Company Information – Using a link to the GBR Direct the users of your website can suffice their need of more information by purchasing additional company information alike copy accounts and appointments records.

Optional Features

  • VAT Registered Details – This is for confirming the VAT number and its status along-with the registered name and address which is provided by the owner of a website.
  • Trading Address Confirmation – A location map, location co-ordinates and ID, plus a QR code for smartphones for scans to display your trading address in Google Maps and thus directions for would-be customers.
  • Website Ratings – Your prospective clients can check the ratings given by your existing customers.

How is the verification of a website carried out ?

Verification of the website and a company credentials is done by making use of Industry acclaimed tools and techniques, hence offering peace of mind to visitors to your website. During the purchase of Website Passport, websites/businesses go through a secure sign-up process where checks are done in real-time by GlobalSign.

Inaddition, it makes use of Organisation Validated vetting (OV) to suffice a greater level of verification requirements that are usually essential for companies working in a financial sector such as banks and credit card companies.

Upon successful completion of the verification process, a Website Passport fingerprint logo is offer to you which can then be added to your website. This would thereafter act as a seal of trust.

Where to Add the Passport?

Once set-up, the Website Passport can be installed on your site using a simple code. You may add it anywhere as listed below :

  • Website Header – You may put the seal at the top of your website pages so that visitors are able to instantly locate and access your passport.
  • Footer of a Website – You may add the seal to the bottom of your website ie. in the footer
  • Besides the Action Buttons
  • Payment processing pages – This would help customers re-assure the authenticity of your business.

You simply need to embed a code into your website coding and the website passport is set-up on your pages.

How does a Website Passport look like?

Below is a site seal that would appear on your web-pages. You may click the same to take a look at our Website Passport.



Or you may alternately visit the following link to check out more information about our Website Passport

What is the difference between an SSL Certificate and a Website Passport ?

An SSL Certificate does play a major role in earning trust of a customer and ensure that their financial and other confidential details are protected passed over to you via. a secure medium. But that is after an individual has decided to choose your products and services.

Based on studies, it is observed that a website needs to establish TRUST within 5 seconds since a visitor enters a site, for ensuring that they stay there you must prove the legitimacy of your business. This is where having a Website Passport can make a difference, as all the essential details can be found with a single click.