Hosting a Website on eNlight Cloud Servers

Businesses seeking 100% uptime for their website should look no further than the eNlight cloud platform for their needs; providing a service that can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of each client, eNlight is a revolution in cloud web hosting that will guarantee good value for money for every customer. The eNlight platform can be used to host virtual machines that are running Windows or Linux so for once you are able to consolidate your virtual machines onto a single platform, regardless of the operating system that you are running; this is one way in which eNlight can help to lower your business’s web hosting expenses – this also means that any website can be hosted on the eNlight platform, regardless of the technologies that have been used to develop it. The cloud can also be seen as a very good base for expansion because eNlight virtual machines can be expanded in just a few clicks without causing any downtime so that you can introduce additional capacity to your IT backend very easily; as the number of visitors to your website increases, the load that is placed on your VMs will increase dramatically, which is why it is important to be able to increase system resources quickly as otherwise the stability of your website could be impacted.

Establishing an Environment that Supports Your Website

With your eNlight cloud servers, full access will be provided through Remote Desktop or SSH depending on whether you have chosen Windows or Linux. With full root/administrator access you can make any ammendments to your hosting environment that you feel will improve the support that is available for your website – this can include changes to applications to improve their use of system resources or the installation of applications and components that aren’t available by default. The dedicated environment offered by eNlight cloud servers allows you to break out of the mould creating by shared web hosting so that you can use any third-party applications and components as part of your website; furthermore, the resources offered with an eNlight VM will offer far more expansion opportunities than a shared web hosting plan.

Uploading your website to the eNlight cloud won’t be an issue once you have your environment established. Even though FTP is the standard way for uploading files to your web space, root access means that you can use more secure methods to achieve this including SCP.

Resources of eNlight Cloud Servers

The design of the eNlight cloud means that your virtual machines can grow along with your website because resources can be added with just a few clicks without incurring any downtime. The issue with existing web hosting plans has been that you have had to pay over the odds to receive resource allocations that aren’t necessarily completely fitting to your needs and this has meant that money is being wasted in some areas. The eNlight cloud overcomes this by allowing you to specify the exact resource allocations that are given to each of your VMs so that you know exactly what you are going to be paying and will only ever have to pay for what you want – this makes eNlight ideal for websites of all sizes. Auto-scaling is also available for websites that are unable to predict their growth because this will introduce a system that will automatically allocate resources to your server to cope with demand as it increases; you are able to set a cap on this however, so that you don’t end up with any nasty bills that you weren’t expecting.

Security Provided by eNlight VM

An isolated dedicated environment within the context of a virtual machine offers opportunities to introduce a level of security that is individual to a client’s needs so that they are able to guarantee the safety of the data that they are hosting without impeding on the performance of the website itself. With a dedicated environment you have full control of everything that goes on and as full root/administrator access is a standard feature of any virtual machine, you can install the applications that are necessary for creating the secure environment that you desire. Furthermore, as each virtual machine is independent of one another you can be assured that any security breaches that have occurred in another eNlight environment will not leak into the main cloud or any other virtual machines as the damage will be limited to the VM that was impacted initially.

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