Q. How do I check if Frontpage Extensions are installed on my website or not? What if the FrontPage extensions are not working?

Ans. We support all versions of FrontPage extensions on all our Windows Hosting servers and couple of our Linux Hosting Servers. Frontpage extensions support has been discontinued on our other Linux Shared servers because Microsoft has discontinued FrontPage extension support for the Unix platform and we have recently observed severe intrusion attempts using FrontPage vulnerabilities. These intrusions attempts could affect every user on our shared Linux hosting servers. However FrontPage publishing support is still available with our Windows web Hosting plans. These special Linux servers have been reserved for only those clients who need Frontpage extensions support on Linux servers.

How to check if Frontpage Extensions are installed ?

If you open your website in IE from your local computer then you should see a frontpage icon showing on top navigation of your browser. This would verify that frontpage extensions are installed for your account. You have frontpage icon in your control panel. You can uninstall frontpage extensions and reinstall from there. If you have some other problem then you can also try and cleanup old extensions.