How do I view my email settings?

Select your control panel below for instruction on how to view you email configuration settings:

I have a cPanel account
I have a Plesk account

How to view your mailbox settings in cPanel

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Click Email Accounts
  3. Under Email Accounts locate your mailbox
  4. Click Set Up Mail Client next to your mailbox
  5. All you mail setting will be displayed under the header Mail Client Manual Settings

[alert style=”info”]Tip: You can use the automatic configuration scripts  to setup you email client easily, just make sure you login and click on them from the device you want to setup email on.[/alert]

How to view your mailbox settings in Plesk

  1. Log into Plesk
  2. Locate your domain
  3. Click Email Addresses
  4. Locate you mailbox and click the information icon
  5. Your mail setting will now be displayed