How to Add Images in SiteBuilder?

This tutorial will guide you in managing and adding images to your website when you are working with SiteBuilder.

If you have created a website using SiteBuilder and want to make it attractive by adding some images to the pages then you can you easily do so by following these simple steps:-

1. Open ‘SiteBuilder’ and go to the EDIT tab in the Wizard.

2. Choose the Page where you wish to add the image.

3. Now scroll to the location where you want the image to appear and position the cursor.

4. After placing the cursor click on the Images Button in the toolbar on top as shown in the screen shot below.

5. Click on the Browse button to select images from your system and click upload. The chosen image will be previewed. (You can also select images from the Site Gallery if you have already uploaded images on the website earlier.)

6. You can set various parameters related to the images such as the border and the alignment.

7. If you want you can add spacing to the image and add Alt Text (the description or caption of the image which a user sees when hovering the mouse over the image.)

8. When done you can click OK and the image will be inserted. You can then click on the images and use the handles to change the size. However, if you want to make major changes you must resize the image first and then upload it. This would help retain the quality of the image.

9. If you want to add more images then simply repeat the same process from step 4.

10. After you are done inserting or uploading images to the site gallery do not forget to Click on the ‘Floppy Icon’ in the top right of the toolbar to save all the changes you have made to the site.


Now you can easily add images to the pages on your website to entice your visitors and build a website like a professional by using SiteBuilder.


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