How to Back up and Restore a Windows VPS in Virtuozzo Powerpanel

December 9, 2010 / Virtual Server

Virtuozzo Power Panel is known as VZPP and it offers an easy and effective way to manage a VPS efficiently. A user is free to Boot, Reboot, stop, and Fast Stop a VPS server according to his needs or when an emergency occurs. Virtuozzo allows a user to get better information about his VPS server and he can change its password, File Manager, Resources, etc. It is a software application developed for enterprise server virtualization which allows an administrator to create virtual environments on a host computer on the operating system layer.

To take a backup from a Cheap Windows VPS server you have to first log in to your power panel with the required Username and Password.

Once you get logged into your power panel you will see a browser and on its left side you will see,

VPS management tab with different options like,
1. Start/stop VPS
2. Change the password
3. File manager
4. Maintenance
5. Resources while VPS services include,
1. System services
2. System process
3. Remote Desktop and many more. Now Click on Maintenance from the left side included in the VPS management tab.

You will see one button which has some text written over it like New backup. It is the maintenance page from where you can manage your VPS backups. From here we can delete existing backups, create new backups or restore a backup.

Now to take a backup please made click over the New backup button. It will ask you do you really want to take back up please say yes to proceed further. After a click, you can see that it has started to back up a VPS. Once it gets completed you will see a Back up with the date asking for restoring a VPS and if you want to restore it then click on the button Restore VPS.

Please make notice of this if you are using an IP address of your VPS to connect to it, you may have to reconnect to it, you may have to reconnect it to the VPS with the IP address retrieved from the backup after the VPS is restored.  Please refresh the page by making a click over maintenance.

If you want to delete a previously made back up select and click over the restored backup and scroll right to remove it by clicking over Remove backup. Click OK to confirm it.

Click on the TOP to return to the main screen. These are the steps to Restore and back up a VPS from the Virtuozzo Power panel.

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