How to Check the Debian Version

January 12, 2023 / Servers, Hosting & Email

In this article, we have explained ways to check the Debian version. Debian is a Linux-based OS for varied kinds of devices including servers, laptops, and desktops.

Some of the methods are discussed below, let us find them:

  1. Using the “hostnamectl” command- This command offers an appropriate API that can be used to modify the hostname of a Linux system and its associated properties. The tool also enables changing the hostname of a machine without physically accessing and altering the /etc/hostname file.
    To check the Debian version using this command-
    The systemd, which is a component of all Debian editions, provides this. Depending on your release, the output shows either the version or the release code name using the following command-
    $ hostnamectl
  2. By viewing the /etc/issue file-
    $ cat /etc/issue
  3. By checking the file /etc/os-release file. This covers both the version number and the release code name.
    $ cat /etc/os-release
  4. By executing the lsb_release command and –crid parameters to see the version-
    $ lsb_release –crid

These are the ways you can check the Debian version. Keeping your Debian system up to date is always a good idea, especially for the newest security updates and system enhancements. Hope this helped you a lot.



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