How to create a table in PhpMyAdmin

January 7, 2011 / MySQL

PhpMyAdmin is an open source application designed and developed in PHP scripting language to perform various tasks, such as creating, modifying or removing database tables, fields of application.  It works as a  database administrator of MySQL over the WWW to handle operations over a table. It can also run SQL statements and manage different users and their various rights. It also a great tool to manage any number of tables of any web page hosting application.

1) To create a New table in phpMyAdmin use your Login details to enter in to the phpMyAdmin Interface.

2) A list with Local host information and a link to Create new database will appear with different Database Import and Export options.

3) Click on Database name from left hands side menu if it is showing value (0) then it means that there is no table in database. To create a new table enter the name of the table at Name text box and fields of table at field textbox after clicking over demo link at left side menu and submit all this information by clicking on Go button.

4) According to the given information phpMyAdmin will create a list of fields and here we have to insert fields in the table with their appropriate data type of the field.

5) You can set Primary key values for some fields and enable auto_increment to insert automatic values with the new record for table.

6) You can set remaining field with your required table fields.

7) When you have finished click on Save button and your table will get created with your database types and field names.

8) Now the values at demo will get changed to (1) means the table has been successfully get created.

9) Click on Home and you have at table ready connect it with PHP database script code with connection string ant start storing records in it.

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