How to Create SEO Friendly URLs in Magento

April 15, 2016 / How-to Guide

Many people prefer Magento for creating their online store, as Magento is ready to use the platform, and having technical knowledge to use it is not at all necessary. But all popular CMS’s often generate automated URLs for site pages, which may include numbers or special characters. So such URLs are hard to understand for readers and for search engines too. These URLs should be presented in a more understandable format.

Below are the steps for configuring SEO Settings in a Magento Store.

  1. Log into Magento
    Login to Magento
  2. Go to System >> Configuration.
  3. Click on “Web” option from the left navigation
  4. Then select “Search Engine Optimization” and Choose “Yes” for Use Web Server Rewrites
    SEO Friendly URLs
  5. Now click the “Save Config” in the right top.
    Save Config
  6. Check the confirmation note

Congratulations! You have enabled the SEO-Friendly URLs Successfully.

In conclusion, crafting SEO-friendly URLs in Magento is pivotal for improved visibility. Explore our SEO tools and strategies to enhance your website’s performance

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