How to Create Sub Domain Through cPanel

November 9, 2023 / cPanel & WHM

In this article, we will explain how to create subdomains through cPanel.

The cPanel stands out as a top-tier control panel utilised for overseeing domains, databases, and various aspects of web hosting services. It empowers users to efficiently manage their hosting accounts.

Follow these steps to create a domain via cPanel:

  1. Access cPanel Dashboard.
    cPanel Login
  2. Click on “Domains” from the domain tools.
     parent domain.
  3. Click on “Create A New Domain”.
    Create a new domain
  4. Specify the subdomain you desire to associate with your main domain.
     parent domain.
    Note: To avoid creating the subdomain within the document root, clients must make sure that the highlighted checkbox remains unchecked.
  5. After completing all the processes, click on Submit, and your website’s subdomain will be ready.

In this way, you can create subdomains through cPanel. For more information on cPanel, visit our Knowledge Base section.

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