How to Enable Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

January 7, 2021 / Accounts and Billing Security

We recommend that you enable 2 factor authentication on you client portal to prevent unauthorised access

  1. If you don’t already have an authentication app installed on your smartphone, tablet or PC you will need to download one. We recommend either Google authenticator or Microsoft authenticator, both are available for free from the Google Android and Apple IOS app stores, however you can use any app that supports the TOTP standard.
  2. Log into your client Portal
  3. Click Your profile > 2FA/Security Settings
    Security Settings
  4. Click Click Here to Enable > Get Started
  5. Open up your authetictaion app and scan the onscreen QR code OR enter the provided code manually into your app.
  6. Enter the 6-digit code that the authenticator app generates.
  7. Click Submit
  8. Save the on screen backup codes somewhere secure

You have now set up two factor authentication and added an additional layer of security. When you next login to your client portal you will be asked for the time-based code generated by your chosen authenticator app.

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