How to Install MediaWiki on Dedicated Server ?

MediaWiki is an open source project released under the GNU/GPL terms. Basically, its a PHP based free software package, same as wikipedia. After the launch of this mediawiki software package, most of the other non-profit projects of wikimedia foundation are using this software. As this software is used by most of the large sites, which requires a dedicated server hosting plan to host it.

This software is not associated with the Fantastico installation tool, but can be installed through Softaculous one-click installer. This is the main reason, most of the people gets confused when installing this software on the dedicated server manually. One has to pass through many more configuration steps. The detailed MediaWiki installation steps are shown below:

Steps before installing MediaWiki Software:

Step 1: Setting up the Database

In order to learn how to create a MySQL database and user, please go through our tutorial.

Tutorial: How to Create MySQL Database and User ?

Step 2: Upload the Files

Visit the MediaWiki official website and download the latest release of the software and upload it to your hosting account using the File Manager Tool or your favorite FTP client.

MediaWiki Installation Steps:

Check where you have extracted the files. If you have extracted the files in the public_html folder, then you should navigate to the following URL in the browser in order to start the installation of mediawiki.

The following page will appear on your computer screen with a message “Please set up the wiki first”.

Click on the “Set up the wiki” link and you will be redirected to the “Site config” page.

Step 1: Site config

On the Site config page, you will require to fill the required information to continue the installation. Information such as Wikiname, Contact e-mail, Language, Copyright/license, Admin username, Password, Password confirm, Shared memory caching and Memcached servers as shown in the image below:

Step 2: E-mail, e-mail notification and authentication setup

Here you will have to configure the email features for your Wiki as shown in the image below:

Step 3: Database config

On this database config page, you will require to setup a database for your wiki as shown in the image below:

Database type: select the MySQL
Database host: type localhost
Database name, DB username, DB password: enter the database details you created before starting with the mediawiki installation steps.
Leave the “Superuser account” option as it is.

Step 4: MySQL specific options

On this page, you need to configure the MySQL specific options as shown in the image below:

Database table prefix: Leave it blank or type a table prefix, (ex: mw_ or wiki_).
Storage Engine: Select MyISAM, as it is a default engine of MySQL.
Database character set: Select the “Backwards-compatible UTF-8” option.

Step 5: When you are done with the above configurations, click on the “Install MediaWiki!” button.

If the configuration has been done according to the settings shown above, the “Installation successful” message will appear on your screen. As shown in the image below:

When the above installation successful message appears on your screen, move the config/LocalSettings.php file to the parent directory.

That’s it!

Congratulations! MediaWiki software has been successfully installed on your dedicated server. To access it navigate to this link: