How to Make an Email List in the Horde Webmail through cPanel

December 24, 2021 /

The following article will explain to you how to make an email list in the Horde webmail through cPanel. Horde is a web-based groupware program that is freely available.

Let’s go over the steps to build an email list:

1. Log in to cPanel.


2. Email> Email accounts> Account^@ Domain> Check Email.

Email accounts
check email

3. You will enter into the Webmail Client, Select and open the Horde Webmail Client.

Webmail Client

4. Add the emails to the address book before creating the list.

5. Click on the “Address Book” and then click on “New Contact”.

Address Book

6. Fill in the personal information and click “Add”.


7. You will get a success message.


8. Again click on “Address book”  for adding emails.

Address book

9. Select the drop-down menu “to a contact list” and click on the “Address book”.

contact list

10. Then select the users in the list and click on the “Add” button.


11. Enter the name of the new contact list and click “Ok” to create it.

one list

12. You can see the success messages as shown below.

success messages as shown

This was the end of the discussion. Now, you must be able to create your email list easily. And even if you face any problem, you know we have a great team to help you out, and that too with 24×7 service.

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