How to Make the Web Server Faster

December 8, 2010 / How-to Guide

No matter how fast the servers are, the greed for more speed does not come to a halt. This forces us to look for different ways for making the web servers faster. With a correct hardware equipments and the recommended procedures, users can speed up the servers.

Your web servers are no different than normal computers (they are just an enhanced versions of PC’s). With the use of some simple techniques, one can manage to achieve an increased speed of the server.
Lets take a look at increasing the web servers speed and hence its performance:

  • Upgrading the Hardware – Though a basic tip, but one of the most important factors of getting better speed is by upgrading the existing hardware such as a better and faster hard disk or upgrading the RAM. This can indeed make your web server faster.
  • Cache Settings – There are multiple things that can be cached on a webserver, that includes the sites as well. Starting at the minimum level with application caches and climb up to the Db cache, server cache, and web application cache. Usually, if the files are already cached in the system, it would take much lesser time to get loaded the next time they are accessed, as compared to the one’s that are newly accessed.
  • De-activating the not so Important Services – There may be some services that are running even when the server is in the idle state. Such processes would not only consume RAM but might add to the CPU cycles as well. So de-activating the services that are unnecessary or aren’t that important can further add to the speeding the server up.
  • Compiling applications from the Source – Optimizing the services and applications so that it they get compiled at source instead from the generic binaries can help you increase the speed of your web-server.
  • Optimizing the web and Db server – It is recommended to optimize your web server and the database server on a regular basis. This would help the web-apps. to operate faster and at a much efficient manner.
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