How to Renew SSL Certificate?

August 3, 2017 / Tutorials

In this tutorial, we had shown step-by-step instruction for renewing an SSL certificate – DomainSSL or OrganizationSSL certificate.

Log in your GlobalSign Certificate Center (GCC) account to begin with the Renewal Process. Follow the steps below as guided:

Step 1: Select the SSL Certificate tab

Step 2: Select Upcoming Renewals, Search Order History or Find Order.

Step 3: Click on Search to display all of your SSL certificates.

Step 4: Click Renew next to the certificate that you want to renew.

Step 5: Let us now look at the purchasing process for the certificate. Complete the Product Details (product type, promotional codes (if any), check the validity period). Click Continue.

Step 6: Provide the Point of Contact information and Click on Continue.

Step 7: The next step will vary depending on whether you provide a self-generated CSR or not.

If you choose the AutoCSR option, it is recommended to write down the private key password that you create. The password is not kept on file for security purpose. In case you lose the password you can reissue your certificate in and create a new one. Click Continue.

Step 8: The 3 methods of approving your order.

In case you decide to use the email option for approving the order, you have to select an email address from the provided list. You can also use a website meta-tag or a DNS text record for verifying domain ownership.

Step 9: Provide Payment Information. Click Continue.

Step 10: Confirm the Certificate Details and accept the Subscriber Agreement. Click Continue.

[alert]Note: If you have selected the approval method as email verification then you have to respond to the approval email that you receive after completing the order. In the case of an inaccessible email address, you will not receive the complete order mail. Contact the support team to change your approval email on the order.[/alert]

Once you have approved the order the certificate will be ready for download after going through the vetting process. The number of days required for approval depends on the type of certificate you have ordered (typically requires one to three business days).

After the completion of the vetting process, you will receive an email for picking up the certificate.

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