How to view VPS logs in Virtuozzo Powerpanel

December 17, 2010 / Virtual Server

Virtuozzo Power Panel is counted to be one of best and efficient for managing Virtual Private Server. The users are provided with a platform to Restart, Stop, Start and Fast Stop the VPS in any circumstances. It allows users to extract information like Change Password, File Manager, Resources, System Services, System Processes, Firewall, SSH Connection, Status Changes, QoS Alerts, Action Logs, Traffic Logs and many more.

Now lets take a look at VPS logs in Virtuozzo Powerpanel,

1) A successful login at the start of your Powerpanel and you can see its features.

2) After a successful login a windows will Viruozzo Powerpanel window will appear and you can see logs in left side of your window.

3) To status changes logs click on the status changes. It will show you the  history of VPS status  changes. It shows different operations like changes in VPS starting, stopping, rebooting and mounting in repair mode.

4) The next is QoS (Qulaity Of Services) Alerts it reflects those states of your VPS when it hits limits on some hardware resources. Every time when a VPS consumes more of a resources then it is specified by the limit on that resources and QoS alerts is generated and logged on his page.

5) The Action log is the nest in Logs and it reflects only those actions which rea related to VPS management that were  performed through VZPP. For a specified log you can also select the date and can view details of specified action log.

6) You can redirect to home page by clicking on the link at the top corner of the window. VPS logs can be easily viewed from Cheap window VPS as well from Linux VPS powerpanel.

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