Is eukhost able to provide Hyper-V Windows Server 2019 VPS Hosting?

Hyper-V Virtual Private Servers

eukhost is among the very few hosting providers in the UK to provide Hyper-V Windows 2019 Virtual Private Servers. Hyper-V virtualization platform enables multiple operating systems to run within multiple isolated environments on a single physical server. Hyper-V provides users with an ideal platform for key virtualization scenarios, such as production server consolidation, business continuity management, and software tested and development.

By using Hyper-V technology, each VPS provides superior performance and stability similar to a dedicated server. Each VPS is isolated and functions as a dedicated server with the allocated resources, and has its own dedicated RAM, space, and bandwidth, ensuring a high level of stability. All of the features of Windows Server 2019/2022, including IIS 10 and SQL Server 2019 can be used with a Hyper-V Virtual Machine.

Some of the key features of Hyper-V VPS Hosting are:-

* Windows Server 2019/2022 virtual machine.
* Total control over the server administrator-level access via RDP.
* Guaranteed Server resources like storage space & memory.
* Ability to host multiple websites.
* Fully configure and customize your hosting environment.
* Run custom database-driven applications.
* Easily scalable solution.
* Private IP Addresses.
* Ideal for test and development environments.

We offer customers a choice of three Hyper-V Virtual Private Servers, pricing starts at £24.00 per month.

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