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Q. How do I change the IPS / ISP tag of my UK domain name?

IPS/ISP tag only applies to UK Domains like .co.uk , .uk.com, .uk.net, .me.uk .ac.uk and .org.uk.

To change your IPS / ISP tag you will need to contact the registrar or hosting company from where your domain name was registered. Request them to change the IPS tag of your domain name to EUKHOST if you want the domain name to come under registration of eUKhost. Please inform our billing department once you change the tag and we will accept your domain name under our registration.

IPS tag verification can be easily done through whois search or Domains Dossier. We will modify your nameservers and make them point to our servers once you point TAGS of your domain name to EUKHOST. Make sure that you inform our billing department through our helpdesk after you point the TAGS to EUKHOST.

Your nameservers would be changed by our staff and if you wish to keep control of nameservers yourself then open a ticket through our helpdesk and we will provide you with login details for DNS management.

If you wish to point your UK Domains TAG to some other provider then open a ticket through our helpdesk and we will change the TAGS for you after Email and Telephonic verification process.