MS Exchange 2007 Server Hosting

Q: What is the purpose of the Public Folders feature of Microsoft Exchange Server?

A: The Public Folders feature of Microsoft Exchange Server allows you and your colleagues to share emails and discussions publicly rather than via internal email.

Multiple Public Folders can be created under a single installation of Exchange Server, meaning that you can create folders for different purposes – i.e. one folder for sharing emails and one folder for sharing appointments or events.

Q: For the end user, is there a difference between the Standard and Enterprise versions of Microsoft Exchange Server?

Yes, there is. On accounts created for use with the Standard version of Exchange server there is a set storage limit of 16GB. However, this limit doesn’t exist for user accounts created for use on the Enterprise version of the Exchange Server software.

Q: How can I login to Outlook Web Access using forms?

A: By default, you login to Outlook Web Access by entering your username and password into a prompt that you should receive upon entering the necessary URL for Outlook Web Access.

If you want to login using forms so that you are able to display a customized page, you will first need to install an SSL certificate on your Exchange server and will then be able to select secure forms from the properties pane for the server in question on the Exchange Server management console.

Q: I’m using Exchange Server 2007; Outlook Mobile Access seems inaccessible – how do I sort this?

A: Unfortunately Microsoft chose to discontinue with Outlook Mobile Access in Exchange Server 2007 due to the fact that there were problems with the software including security issues and password caching.

Q: What’s different in Exchange Server 2007 compared to Exchange Server 2003?

A: Exchange Server 2007 comes with more security features as standard than Exchange Server 2003 to ensure that your Exchange server remains secure at all times and that emails both send and received are scanned for viruses and to check whether or not they are spam.

New calendaring features and features for those who connect to their Exchange server account using a mobile device have also been added to give end-users greater flexibility than was possible when using Exchange Server 2003.

Integration with corporate voice and fax systems has also been added meaning that it is now more possible than ever for large corporations to only need to use one system to manage their entire internal and external communication infrastructure.

Improvements have also been made to existing components of the Exchange Server system; for example a new style has been applied to the Outlook Web Access application, along with many new features to allow employees on the move to manage all that it is important to them from any internet connected computer that hosts a web browser.

Q: Does Exchange Server 2007 integrate with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 in the way that Outlook 2003 integrated with Exchange server 2003?

A: Yes, Outlook 2007 integrates seamlessly with Exchange Server 2007 much in the same way that Outlook 2003 integrated with Exchange Server 2003.