What are some FAQs about Offsite Backup Hosting Services – eUKhost

Offsite Backup Hosting by eUKhost

Q. What is Offsite Backup Hosting ?

Ans: The Offsite Backup Hosting is a remote backup solution based on the R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) which ensures continuous protection of all your website data stored on the server. The R1Soft’s CDP Solution is an advanced backup software application that allows disk-based data protection and disaster recovery for servers and workstations which are running the operating systems like Windows and Linux. Our CDP server protects disk volume data through replication & synchronization over the network storing point-in-time snap-shots into disk-based storage. The backups can take seconds to minutes to complete.

Q. Under which hosting packages can I perform the Offsite Backups ?

Ans: The offsite backups can be performed under the Hyper-V based Virtual Private Server Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting and Cloud Server plans only. It is not possible on the Virtuozzo based VPS, because it uses the nodes Kernel and doesn’t have its own. The offsite backup is only possible on the Hyper-V and VMware based VM’s as they have their own Kernel. Backup plans from eUKhost can be ordered as an add-on with the above mentioned web hosting plans.

Q. Which systems are compatible to perform Offsite Backups ?

Ans: eUKhost’s offsite backup plans are compatible with both Windows and Linux servers based on Hyper-V and VMware. These Offsite backups are not compatible with Virtuozzo based servers as mentioned above.

Q. How does backing up data affect the operation of other services on the server ?

Ans: While the disk sector synchronization is executed on an online server, it doesn’t interrupt the input and output requests or the operation of other services even if the server is busy.

Q. Does Offsite Backups put a heavy load on the OS ?

Ans: No, the offsite backup process is carried out very smoothly and doesn’t put any heavy load on the operating systems.

Q. What is included into Offsite Backup solution offered by eUKhost ?

Ans: eUKhost’s Offsite Backup Hosting solution offers unlimited bandwidth, disk based data protection, disaster recovery, differential backups, incremental backups, scalability to upgrade backup plans, end-to-end strong encryption, point-in-time snapshots and ability to restore specific files/folders.

Q. Where the backed up data will be stored ?

Ans: The backups performed using the R1Soft’s CDP backup software will be stored on the offsite servers.

Q. Every time do I have to perform Offsite Backup tasks manually ?

Ans: No, the offsite backup tasks cannot be performed manually. You can schedule the backup tasks Daily, Weekly or Monthly according to your requirements. You can also set up a recovery point as per your needs, so that the backups are recovered accordingly.

Q. Is it possible to compress or encrypt the backup data ?

Ans: Yes, It is possible to compress or encrypt the backup data. When scheduling the backup tasks you can decide and enable whether to compress or encrypt the data.

Q. Are the Backup Plans scalable ?

Ans: Yes, all of our backup plans are fully scalable, so that you can experience the flexibility of upgrading your remote backup plan very easily.

Q. Is R1Soft Backup Software difficult to setup and use ?

Ans: The R1Soft’s CDP Backup Software would be installed and taken care by our technical experts.

Q. Can Offsite Backup solution be used for home backups ?

Ans: No, the R1Soft’s backup software is used only for backing up the data on the servers and cannot be used for home backups.

Q. Do you offer technical support for Offsite Backup solution ?

Ans: Yes, we do offer technical support for the Offsite Backup Hosting solution.

Q. Do you offer trial on Offsite Backup plans ?

Ans: No, we do not offer any trial on the Offsite Backup Hosting plans.