Adult Content Website Hosting

Q. Do you allow hosting Adult content websites? Ans. Please see our AUP We offer a wide range of hosting solutions so you can get in touch with our 24×7 Sales Department through Live Chat option on our website or through our helpdesk to get detailed information on the hosting plans available.

Domain Propagation

Q. What is Domain Propagation? Ans. Domain Propagation is the period of time, or delay, involved in sending your domain’s address information to all the other name servers in the world. Name servers intentionally keep track of addresses for domains in their memory for a specific period of time which is defined by the administrator …

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MySQL version?

Q. What version of MySQL are you currently running? Ans. We are running the latest stable build of MySQL (MySQL 5.x). Generally, we do not include the version information on the FAQs as MySQL service commonly undergoes upgrades at regular intervals.

Password Protect Directories

Q. How do I password protect directories? Ans. To password protect a folder/directory, follow these steps in cPanel: Step 1: Login to your control panel using your account username/password at Step 2: Click on “Password Protection” under Services Step 3: Browse to the folder in which you want to restrict access Step 4: Click on the name of the …

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Game Server on a VPS?

Q. Can I Run A Game Server on a VPS Server? Ans. You can host games on VPS however there are limitations on CPU and RAM which is why we recommend using dedicated servers for gaming. With VPS Hosting you are sharing resources with other users on the same node. With a Dedicated Server, you …

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