Time taken for new domain propogation?

Q. How much time does it take to activate my new domain name? Ans. We register the domain name immediately after you sign up with us. But it usually takes 24 – 48 hours for the domain to propagate/activate world wide.

IMAP4 access to e-mail

Q. Do you provide IMAP4 access to e-mail? Ans. We do provide IMAP4 access to e-mail. IMAP4 stands for Internet Message Access Protocol version 4. IMAP is a much more advanced protocol that allows you to see all your folders and quickly view subjects and message bodies of emails. You can delay downloading of larger …

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Do you support SSL e-mail logins?

Q. Do you support SSL e-mail logins? Ans. Yes, we do support SSL e-mail logins. All of your email messages from your computer to our email server will be encrypted when you read, download, and send email messages. It provides security to our email server and to email account holders on that server.

Do you provide spam protection?

Q. What spam protection do you provide for incoming emails? Ans :- Yes, we do offer spam protection for your e-mails. We already have SpamAssassin (Spam Filter) installed on all our Linux/Windows Shared and Reseller hosting servers. All e-mails processed through the server are scanned for spam on the server itself. We use SpamAssassin and …

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