Accessing .htaccess

Q. Can we have access to .htaccess on semi dedicated servers? Ans. .htaccess files may be used by all of our customers to manipulate the Apache web server, a powerful part of our Linux hosting service . You have full access to .htaccess on all of our Linux web hosting plans which include Semi Dedicated …

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PhpMyAdmin Hosting

Q. Do you provide PhpMyAdmin support on your web hosting plans? Ans. phpMyAdmin is a web-based database management user interface ideal for managing MySQL databases and firmly integrated within the client’s control panel. All eUKhost web hosting UK packages includes the unlimited number of MySQL databases. These can be easily managed directly on the server, …

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Frontpage Extension Problems

Q. How do you deal with Frontpage Extension Problems? Ans:  The latest Frontpage RPM package does conflict with the latest versions of cPanel, causing Frontpage extensions to stop working correctly. Frontpage uses an author.exe script, which occasionally overloads the server. Frontpage extensions will crash when the server automatically kills the author.exe process, to reduce the …

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Are your services VAT registered?

Q. Are your web hosting plans covered under VAT? Ans. Yes, eUKhost Ltd. is a UK Limited, VAT Registered company, to find out more information about our company, please visit the “about us” section on our website. Our VAT registration number can be found here.

Datacenter Connection Speed

Q. Where are the datacenters located and what are the bandwidth and backbone connection speeds? Ans. eUKhost has its servers located in UK as well as US. Our UK data centers are located in Maidenhead, County Berkshire and Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire in England while our US data center is located in Chicago. All new web …

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Webmail Service for Emails

Q. Do you Provide Webmail Service for Accessing Emails? Ans: Yes, We provide webmail service on all of our web hosting plans and our customers/users can access their mailbox through webmail access URL. You can use the Mail Menu to access one of the three webmail programs NeoMail, Horde, and Squirrelmail included in cPanel control panel …

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Hosting Sub Domains

Q. Can I host a Sub-domain as the Main-domain on one of your Shared Hosting plans? Ans: You can host a sub-domain as the primary domain name on your shared hosting account with us. All you need to do is sign-up for the hosting plan of your choice with the sub-domain and our billing system would …

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