What are some FAQs about PHP and MySQL

We will discuss the technical possibilities of hosting in this article:

Question: Why do customers have to know about the technical capabilities of hosting and hammer head with unnecessary problems, is it not the task of web design studio – to pick the best technology?

Answer: Not exactly. Technologies that are supported by a hosting provider can not be supported by others. If web studio use the technology that is rarely supported from the hosting companies, and tomorrow the client does not like his current hosting and he decides to change the host, then most likely it will be a long process to find those companies that support those technologies, as the choice of technology will be small and have to live with something average in quality and price, or pay money to web studio for the transfer of copyright to new technologies. In any case, you will lose money and time. We are not talking about static web sites designed only to HTML – these sites can be placed at any provider, but the age of such sites has already passed and the holders of such Internet representations look very profitable against its competitors with interactive dynamic sites.

Question: Can you tell me any advanced and skilled technologies that are supported by almost all web hosting companies?

Answer: Yes. The widely used scripting language PHP and the world’s most popular open source database MySQL are the technologies that are supported by most of the web hosting companies.

And the first and second relate to open source technologies, ie, these technologies can be used free of charge, to develop and maintain a large number of programmers and enthusiasts around the world, it is their main difference from the private commercial technologies such as ASP (ASP.NET), SQL.

Question: Who will be responsible if the site written in PHP and MySQL fails due to some internal error in PHP or MySQL? To whom shall I make a complaint?

Answer: Firstly, PHP and MySQL are rightly considered the most reliable technologies, as technologies developed by the entire international community to quickly debugged, if at all there is some bug found. Secondly, the customer can buy a license to support PHP and MySQL, which will enable him to immediately contact the developers of technology in the event of any errors that occurred through no fault of the creators of the site. Thus, the client will have protection itself by 100 percent.

The technologies PHP and MySQL supported by most web hosting providers, since they are compatible with virtually all operating systems, easy to install, configure, operate and possess greater functionality. Moreover, the PHP Hosting and MySQL Hosting on operating systems, UNIX / Linux is the cheapest web hosting. For comparison, hosting with support for ASP, SQL is running the Windows operating system is at 50-70 percent more expensive and has less reliability mainly due to greater instability of Windows.

Windows is a user-friendly operating system for personal computer, but does not operate well as a server operating system.