Q. Do you offer Private LAN between Dedicated Servers ?

Ans. Yes. We do offer Private LAN or VLAN between Dedicated Servers. Private VLAN is configured using routing rules on the router that connects your servers to Internet while Private LAN is configured using a Dedicated Switch for multiple servers LAN or using a patch cable incase of only 2 Servers.

Private LAN configuration is considered by those who need highly secure environment. You can disable public access for your Database servers or any other server with mission critical data and allow public access on the front web servers only. We have similar setup for some of our customers who have heavy traffic websites or forums. We disable remote access for database servers completely and only web servers are allowed to communicate with the database servers on private LAN. This way no one can ever access your database servers and nothing can go wrong on the web servers as well as those will allow only http traffic. Less open ports on server makes it more secure.