Restoring R1Soft CDP3 BackUp

September 23, 2011 / Dedicated Hosting Linux Hosting Tutorials Web Hosting Web Hosting Addons

How to Restore backups in R1Soft CDP 3  ?

Eukhost’s R1Soft Continuous Data Protection (CDP) 3 Backup system enables users with restoring  files and folders to your account at barely few clicks. The BackUp plans can be availed as an addon service by anyone.

The R1Soft console panel offered by us can help you restore files, folders or even the entire disk from the Disk Safe Panel. The below steps must be followed for restoring files onto your CDP account.

Step 1 – Use the URL provided by us to access the R1Soft CDP3 console. Use the username and password to login.

Step 2 – You would be redirected to the Dashboard Area as shown below:

Step 3 – Look for the option titled “Agents” at the bottom-left of the screen

Step 4 – Click the “Host Name/IP” link

Step 5 – You’d be presented with the Agent Details such as Name, Host Name/IP and Port Number

Step 6 – You must now look for the option titled “Disk Safes”. A list of all your Disk Safes would be displayed as shown in the following image.

Step 7 – Click the Magnifying Glass located at the extreme right to check various details about the Disk Safes

Step 8 – Now inorder to start with the restore process you must look for the option titled “Recovery Points” listed on the left sidebar and click it.

Step 9 – Looking at the date of creation, you would notice two restore options ie. ‘Bare Metal Restore‘ and ‘Browse
Note : Bare Metal Restore would restore all the files onto your server, whereas if you intend to restore only few selected files and folders, you must click the Browse Button

Step 10 – Upon clicking the Browse option, you’d be presented with the files and folders their individuals details such as Name, Attributes, Size and the Modify Time as shown in the following image.

Step 11 – Now check the boxes against the files and folders that you intend to restore and hit the button “Restore Selected” located at the top of the same screen. Alternately, you may also download particular files and folders on your local machine in the same way except you’d need to hit the “Download Selected” button situated at the top of the screen.

Please visit the following link to check our R1Soft Backup Plans. Kindly contact our Sales Department to get a quote for custom requirements.

If you need any assistance with restoring backups, please contact our support department either via. 24×7 Live Chat or raise a ticket with the Help Desk.

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