In the previous post, you have learned how to schedule a reboot for your linux dedicated server. In this article, I will explain steps to schedule a reboot for your windows dedicated server.

The reason for performing a reboot for your windows dedicated server is same as reasons for linux server. Would you like to reboot your server, when the traffic to your site is at highest level ? Definitely, the answer will be No.

Same as Linux servers, the windows dedicated servers provides a command line interface that permits the system administrator to run commands remotely. Once you log into your dedicated server, access the command prompt and type the following command string:

at 4:00am c:admutilspsshutdown.exe -r -f -c -t 10

In the above example, I have configured a reboot at 4:00AM. Make sure the reboot is scheduled in the low usage times only. Using the “at” command scheduling tasks becomes much easier for dedicated server administrators.

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