Script to create hosting packages on cPanel hosting server

Web hosting has different platforms and from these platforms one can host his business online or can earn through it. Reseller hosting is a kind of hosting type which allows an individual to resell hosting packages under his own price tag and brand name to run a web hosting company under his own name. But sometimes if you want to migrate more accounts from one server to another server then you need to create packages for each accounts and you can easily create packages by using this script.

1) First you need to create one Migarting-Accounts.txt file and add the the user name , which you want to create packages.

2) Create Migration directory for to move all the cPmove files from /home directory to Migration directory.

then use following command to create cpmove packages and moved to “Migration” directory.
for i in `cat /home/Migarting-Accounts.txt`;do /scripts/pkgacct $i; mv /home/cpmove-$i.tar.gz /home/Migration/;done

or Use this script for migrating Reseller and/or Bulk accounts between cPanel hosting servers::

For Reseller::
cat /etc/trueuserowners | grep username | awk ‘{print “/scripts/pkgacct “$1}’


1. cat /etc/trueuserowners | awk ‘{print $1}’ > 1.txt
then remove the sign “:” from 1.txt

for i in `cat 1.txt`;do /scripts/pkgacct $i; mv /home/cpmove-$i.tar.gz /home/Migration/;done

Then move the “Migration” folder and 1.txt file to remote server and by using following command restore all the accounts.
for i in `cat 1.txt`;do /scripts/restorepkg $i;done

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